How to Froth oat Milk without a Frother

Have you wanted to learn how to froth oat milk without a frother? The simple methods I share, like using a mason jar or french press, will have you making perfect oat milk lattes and cappuccinos with creamy foam in no time!

I share 6 ways to froth your milk without a frother.

Homemade Oatmilk latte with french press frothed milk

6 Best Ways to Froth Milk At Home

There are 6 options to froth milk without a frother: mason jar, french press, whisk blender, handheld frother and a handheld electric mixer.

Do you know why oat milk froths? The protein and fat content are different from regular milk, the reasons it froths are a bit different as well. Barista blend oat milk has a lower protein and higher fat content the regular milk which make it froth.

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What Is Frothed Milk?

Frothing milk is simply aerating milk which means adding small bubbles. Which is milk turned into a light airy foam. While you can buy a specific frother or steamer, it’s not necessary for making great lattes.

How To Froth Oat Milk

Oat milk actually froths best cold! So, you can froth it and then slowly heat it on the stove or pop it in the microwave for a minute. 

I like to use a french press to pump and incorporate air into the milk, or a shake it in a mason jar. They are simplest ways I have found to froth oat milk and make the best homemade oat milk lattes.

For simplicity’s sake, I often froth warmed oat milk. And it still works great. In this post I cover six easy ways to froth oat milk without a steam wand.

Quick Guide to Milk Selection

I find that non-dairy milks like almond milk or oat milk froth best when you choose a specific barista blend. They are designed to help you create better foam.

Further on in the post I cover more in-depth which oat-milks are best and why they froth. 

Out of the various milks I have used to create froth/foam, coconut milk or oat milk generally make the best froth for a plan-based milk alternative.

How Much milk to use

I like to use about ¾-1 cup of oat milk to froth for most of my dairy free lattes. This way you have enough to create a nice amount of froth.

Frothed Milk in a Mason Jar

How to Heat oat Milk without a steam wand

I like to use the stovetop or the microwave to heat my milk. It should be heated until it is just about to or starts to lightly steam. Never bring it to a boil since overheating your milk can denature it. Causing it to not hold froth and even taste funny.

Stovetop: Place your oat milk in a small saucepan on the stovetop. Cook it over medium heat until heated and starting to steam. Gently stir throughout to make sure it doesn’t burn.

Microwave: Pour your milk into a glass container like a mug or a mason jar. Microwave for about 1.5 minutes. I microwave mine for 1 minute, then stir or swirl the milk in the jar and put it back in for 30 seconds. This prevents the milk from overheating.

6 Different Ways to froth Oat Milk

Mason Jar

Using a mason jar creates great foam and gives you a mini workout with some vigorous shaking. It takes about 30 seconds and the best way to froth your milk without any fancy equipment. I do find that this one form some large bubbles along with the smaller foam.

Frothed oat milk with a mason jar

Place your milk into a jar with a lid and tighten the lid down. It should be about half full. I use a mason jar for this.

Shake vigorously for 30-60 seconds or until milk has doubled its size. If you’re frothing heated milk, use a tea towel to hold the jar if it’s too warm.

French Press or Pump Frother

This is my favourite method to create lots of fluffy foam with small bubbles. I find a French press gives the best foam in warmed or cold oat milk. It’s the best option to create cold foam.

Place your milk into the french press or pump and pump it up and down for about 30-60 seconds or until milk has doubled in size.


A hand whisk creates great cold foam on oat milk and gives you fun arm workout. Works well for lots of froth.

Place the cold milk in a medium or large bowl. Then manually whisk the milk until it has doubled or tripled in volume. I love my little pampered chef whisk for frothing milk.

If you need it hot, then place it in a small saucepan over medium low heat. Gently stir to keep it from burning. Or in a microwave-safe bowl, pop it in the microwave for about 45 seconds to a minute.


Frothing oat milk in the blender is more time consuming and milk needs to be heated first. Heat on the stove top or in the microwave. 

Place in the blender and blend on high until you see frothy milk forming. With my Ninja bullet I avoid frothing this way because of the steam buildup.

Handheld Mixer

This is a fast way to froth milk. Simply place the milk into a bowl and mix with the electric mixer until it starts to froth. Once frothed, heat it if needed.

Handheld frother or immersion blender

Frothing milk this way is quick and requires little effort. It does require owning a handheld milk frother or an immersion blender. 

You can place your milk in a mug and froth. Place the blender/frother head beneath the surface of the milk and turn it on for 20-30 seconds until there is an inch thick or more layer of foam on top.

Other Options to create froth (With machine)

I know we’ve only talked about how to froth milk with the most common kitchen items. However, these also work to make some foamy oat milk.

  • Stand mixer with the whisk attachments: For this one you will do it the same as you would with the handheld mixer.
  • Food processor: Simply follow instructions listed for the blender.
  • Steam Wand: Follow these instructions if you have an espresso machine.
  • Milk steamer: Just fill about halfway and turn on.

Why do I need to froth milk?

It really is an essential component of many coffee shop drinks. Therefore, making frothed milk at home will help you save time and money because you’ll be able to create lovely homemade lattes. It’s also a great way to have the option of practicing latte art.

Is frothed milk the same as steamed milk?

While they are often referred to as the same thing, they are two separate components. Steamed milk is usually made with a steam wand placed below the surface of the milk. Which introduces heat and air into the milk to create the steamed portion of milk and milk froth. 

In the simplest definition: steamed milk is the heated/warm portion of the milk and frothed milk consists of the milk foam.

Frothed milk can be made without needing to be heated and can be done without a steam wand. Steamed milk can also be made by heating the milk without a steam wand.

What type of oat milk froths best?

I have made coffee drinks with both store-bought oat milk and homemade oat milk. The best homemade latte is made with a barista blend oat milk.

The amount of foam a barista blend renders is much higher in volume then a regular one. It also has a sweeter taste then some plant based milks. making it closest to regular milk in taste.

Why does oat milk froth?

First let’s address why regular milk froths so well. It has a high protein and fat content. The proteins enable cow’s milk to hold foam.

It creates a layer of film around the air bubbles allowing then to hold shape longer. The fat adds a creamy texture and enhanced taste.

It also contains compounds with buffering properties. Which is why it doesn’t curdle as quickly as plant-based milks.

Oddly enough skim milk creates the best foam. It’s interesting to note that too much fat in cow’s milk actually hinders its ability to froth (this changes after 5% milk fat is reached).

Whole milk contains about 8 grams of protein per cup and 5 grams of fat. While skim milk contains 8 grams of protein and 0 grams of fat. Remember that skim milk makes the best foam, so cow’s milk doesn’t need the fat to froth.

Ok but why does oat milk froth so beautifully then?

In oat milk a higher fat content helps to create our desired foamy texture. Which is why barista blends add extra fat to enhance its frothing capabilities. And the protein (1-3 g) aids in coating and stabilizing the bubbles.

It has what it needs to froth. Although it does not contain anywhere near the same amount of protein. And it can have a higher fat content then regular milk.

In oat milk designed for coffee drinks, the protein stability is increased by added buffers: phosphates, carbonates and citrates.

These prevent a rapid change in pH when the plant drink comes in contact with acidic coffee. And will often contain added fat for protein protection and enriched flavour.

Depending on the brand, oat milk has 1-4 grams of protein per 1 cup. And anywhere from 1-10 grams of fat. Oat milk often has a higher fat content than other types of plant milk.

Barista Blend Oat Milks

The extra fat added to barista blends creates significantly larger amount foam. For comparison and so you can see what I mean by the crazy high fat content of oat milk I will share the protein/fat content for both regular blend of oat milks and the barista.

My favourite brands contain:

  • Oatsome Original: 2g protein, 4g fat – Oatsome Barista: 2g protein, 10g fat
  • Califia Farms Oat Zero Sugar: 1g protein, 4.5 g fat – Califia Farms: 1g protein, 7 grams fat
  • Nut Pods: 1g Protein, 5g Fat
  • Original Oatly Milk: 3g protein, 5g fat –
  • Oatly Barista Edition: 3g protein, 7g fat

How long does frothed oat milk last?

It is best used fresh when you make it. Frothed whole milk will last up to 24 hours. Oat or other dairy-free milks like soy milk do not hold froth nearly as long because they have a much lower protein content to maintain bubble formation. I left a jar of cold frothed oat milk in the fridge, and it didn’t even hold its froth for an hour.

Homemade Oat milk Latte Recipes

Maple Latte
Dairy Free Maple Latte

Here are some of the tastiest options to use your frothed milk. All you need are some flavoured syrups and a homemade espresso substitute.

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