Dairy Free Recipes

All of my recipes are crafted to be dairy free. Which means no more figuring out substitutions for you! However, if you are not dairy free these recipes still work with regular milk and butter. Some of my recipes are gluten free, or include substitions to make them so.
Baked Oatmeal with blueberries
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dairy free muffin recipes
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Crispy potato wedges in oven
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Going Dairy Free

Going dairy free can be hard. When it comes to dairy allergies and dairy sensitivities, there are a lot new things to learn. For me, it was a struggle to find substitutes and recipes that I liked. I know that it takes time to compile your favorite new ingredients for baking and cooking.

I want to share my favorite dairy free and non-dairy recipes/products with you.  I have tested many dairy free and non-dairy products! In my posts and recipes, I share helpful information to help in the kitchen.

I'm baking, cooking, jumping and singing my way through life. I have a wonderful husband and an exuberant stepson, that I enjoy cooking and baking for. I am lactose intolerant and have always loved to bake and make fancy drinks for others. I started this blog to share recipes with you that so rich and delicious you never miss dairy again.
Linda Spatig