Creamy Dairy Free Lattes

The best creamy dairy free lattes are homemade! My top picks are a gingerbread latte, coconut milk latte and an English breakfast tea latte.

I find best milk for one is a barista blend oat milk. Or for a lighter tasting cafe latte I use almond milk. And I use canned coconut milk when I want to feel like Iโ€™m drinking something very rich and creamy.

coconut milk latte

Each type creates a different tasting homemade dairy free latte. For quick guide to the flavour profiles of dairy free milks, make sure to sign up for the guide at the end.

coconut milk latte
Creamy Coconut Milk Latte
this has to be one of the creamiest dairy free lattes I have ever tried. If you love coconut then this one try this one to replace your morning coffee.
Check out this recipe
Dairy Free Gingerbread Latte
I know this is a Christmasy latte but I actually drink it year round because it's one of my favourites.
Check out this recipe
English Breakfast Tea Latte
English Breakfast Tea Latte
Steep your favourite English breakfast tea and steam your oat milk so you can make enjoy this dairy free Royal English Breakfast tea.
English Breakfast Tea Latte
London Fog Starbucks Dairy Free
Dairy Free London Fog
A London fog made with Tazo tea bags and creamy oat milk tastes very similar too ok the Starbucks London fog tea latte. If youโ€™ve never had one then you need to try this recipe for your next latte.
London Fog Tea Latte
Chai Tea Latte Starbucks Recipe
Chai Tea Latte, Starbucks Copycat
making a great chai tea latte depends on the concentration of your tea and and type of tea bags you use.I love using Tazo chai and oat milk for the warmest tasting chai latte.
Chai Tea Latte
How to Make a Latte Without a Machine
If you donโ€™t have an espresso machine, then this recipe is for you. Learn to create an espresso substitute and foamy frothed milk with kitchen tools you already own.
Instructions Here
Dairy Free Maple Latte
Maple Latte ๐Ÿ
Prep your espresso and grab your favourite dairy free milk. This maple latte is simple to create and delicious to drink.
Maple Latte Recipe

Grab this free guide to help you start experimenting with your dairy free lattes.

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