About Me

    Hi my name is Linda.  I have an adventurous spirit in life and in baking. I started my blog to share dairy free recipes that make life enjoyable. I want to help you to learn to love baking and creating fancy coffee shop drinks right at home! 

What I Do & Interests

I am the author and content creator behind Dairy Free Ginger. I know how hard it can be to bake and cook without using dairy. Especially when you love to cook and bake for other people. 

I want to help you learn all the tricks and nuances of how to bake and make coffee shop drinks that are dairy free. 

Fun fact (that I’m quite proud of *ahem*): As a former gymnastics/parkour coach, I can do handstands and walk on my hands.

And now that I’m done bragging lets get going!

      I am a redheaded wife to my amazing husband, mom and stepmom. I have always had a love and intrigue for baking and making fancy drinks at home.

Culinary Experience

      In fact when I lived with my parents I learned to cook for 8-10 people regularly. And oddly enough one of the best reading materials I could find, other than the dictionary, was my mom’s vast collection of cookbooks and handwritten recipes.

In my teen years I spent countless hours baking birthday and wedding cakes for other people as a paid gig. I love cake decorating and still work on that for friends and family.

I also worked at Starbucks as a barista and was a paid cook for a logging company.

Why Dairy Free Recipes?

      It wasn’t until I was in my late teen years that I started to notice my intolerance to milk. For a while I just tried to avoid it.

And in my 20’s I started venturing into the dairy free lifestyle and my body thanked me for it.

      I bake and cook using a lot of dairy free substitutes. I am always trying to recreate those rich and delicious dessert recipes that have a dairy base.

My goal, is to craft treats that my husband or anyone else, would never suspect to be dairy free.